About me

Lorri Meyer, an indie author based in Southern California, began her career working in corporate accounting. After 20-years, she became a stay at home mom, and while at home, she was able to begin a new career in the captivating world of writing.

During an ancestry search and the meticulous construction of her family tree, Lorri stumbled upon a fascinating tale that would become the inspiration for her novel, The Thread Mill Audit. As she explored her lineage, she uncovered a distant cousin who had relocated to Windham, Connecticut, and found employment at the renowned 'Thread Company.'

Lorri noticed an entire page of the 1910 Census brimming with townspeople who worked at the 'Thread Company.' This serendipitous discovery propelled her to embark on further research, culminating in the premise of her compelling book, The Thread Mill Audit.

Now an accomplished indie author, Lorri Meyer masterfully combines her background in corporate accounting with her newfound storytelling prowess. Her 2nd novel promises readers an enthralling journey into the intriguing world of the 'Thread Company' and the captivating lives entwined within its history.